Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Back from the depths

Hey guys,

Keepy here back from my visit to the real world. It has been a long time since I have logged on and published something and I had a spare 5mins to update you all on goings on. The blog has been a bit quiet of late mainly due to, as I have eluded to, real world things that have been taking place in the background.

I left the Army managed to get a new job which I really enjoy, it is however contracted to the Australian Defence Force and have spent a bit of time away from home. I now have another daughter, so time at home has been pretty hectic with two young children. The spare time I do have is spent catching up with my wife and relaxing at home. Things have settled down a bit now so I should be able to bang out a couple 30k projects and get some posts up.

As you are all no doubt aware, MKA was here in Australia and ran a course - I learnt an absolute ton, made a heap of new friends and can't wait to practice my new skills - I will do up a post about it shortly.

I also started my own home business, Norseman Hobby Supplies, which focuses on airbrush components and accessories. It is only new and the range is small but I am looking to develop it and hopefully it takes off. Check it out! www.norsemanhobbysupplies.com

So what else has the crew been up to?

Braden (aka Dice Wizard) and I have been planning and preparing for a beginner's airbrush course in Melbourne which entails all the basics of how to use an airbrush, clean it, maintain it and get some good effects out
of it. It starts on the 16th July so we are off shortly to run that, hopefully he does not expose his wizard's sleeve like he did at MKA.

Wadey has been madly painting his EC and now has a Kakophoni army ready to shred all comers with a wall of noise. He is also working on some sweet objective markers that have daemonettes coming out of portals - can't wait to see what they look like!

Spraggy has been slowly adding more to his already large IF force, and has taken to "subcontracting" hobby jobs for a few people, building custom canopies for fliers, assault cannon gauntlets for BA contemptors and working on a heap of terrain. He is also plotting some good themes for a planned AGIF 30k tournament in Townsville later this year - more on that later.

Felix has just had another baby, so I can imagine he will have his hands full! Felix also has a couple of posts in the works and hopefully they will be out soon.

Wiseman has been very busy planning and plotting for his tournament series, Inferno, held in Brisbane. I have seen a couple of pics of his ever evolving DA army, and it looks wicked.

Dedled has a new job down in Victoria and will be taking some leave from the blog to pursue some career goals. We wish you all the best and hope that you come back soon mate!

Buzz has been busy with another bub as well (what is it with us? Something in the water?) but is still making some progress with his DA army. Spraggy joined him for a game a while ago and it was great to see the new legion rules in effect, man those bolter rounds are fierce.

Well that's it from me, just a quick update to say hello and that we are not all dead yet. Keep an eye out for an overdue wrap up from MKA, the airbrush course wrap up and a post about a proposed tourney in Townsville.

See you soon!


Thursday, 30 June 2016

Bring the noise!! - Building the 3rd Company Elite.

Greetings all Wadey here! First and foremost I'd like to apologize for the lack of substantial content in the last year or so. We've all been preoccupied for one reason or another but are very keen to get back into things.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Rebuilding a Legion - Part 1 "Starting Fresh"

Howdy all, Felix here with a well overdue post. Not only has it been so long since my last post that I've managed to have another child in the meantime, but a bunch of the other AGIF guys have been flat out in hobby Valhalla the past few months flexing some new found hobby prowess that will, hopefully, start interweb beaming into your eye-holes in the comming days and weeks!

To make up for the lack of content specifically delivered by me however, I figured I'd start a Legion Hobby Journal, something that I had been planning to do on AGIF for well over a year now, chronicling the rise of my collection of painted XIII.
Days, weeks and months rolled on, with many a mini painted but not a single post made!

"So, why not just post some pictures now Felix" I hear you ask?
Well, voice inside my head, that's because the 6000-7000pts of Ultramarines I built up over the past two years or so has moved onto a new owner, so there's not much there to take pictures of!

Well, except a parting image I took. "Goodnight, Sweet Prince..."

My motives for selling the army were pretty straight forward. Despite the army looking pretty good on the table, I had the fortune to hit up the MKA class in Sydney, Australia earlier in the year and it made me really feel like I could do so much more than I had achieved already and, rather than strip and repaint, I opted to start from scratch (a decision I've both relished and regretted over the past few months).

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Mandolf's Legacy Chapter One

The boys here at A Galaxy in Flames have been partaking in some DeathWatch Roleplay. The games have been so much fun, and so engaging and cinematic at times that we have often been talking and talking about what happened in each session for days after. Our guest writer, Dean Ferguson has expanded upon our post game chatter to write some fiction depicting what happened during the games. What he wrote was so good that we decided to try keep a running story of the dramatic encounters of Kill Team Praetorus Gamma.

Hope you enjoy.

Dramatis Personae

Astartes of the Deathwatch:

Kahn-Sarro: Squad Sergeant, White Scars Chapter

Rylath: Techmarine, Salamanders Chapter

Ezekiel: Devestator, Dark Angels Chapter

Kayzar Solaro: Tactical Marine, Raven Guard Chapter

Galmech Kaargul: Apothecary, Iron Hands Chapter

Iagos: Apothecary, Lamenters Chapter

Asani: Tactical Marine, Raptors Chapter

Artemis: Librarian, Lamentors Chapter

Members of the Inquisition:

Hurtz: Inquisitor, Ordos Xenos

Sorenzo: Inquisitor, Ordos Hereticus

Crew of the Corvandus:

Alrich Van Drachnolovic: Ship Captain

Argovix 241: Techpriest Engine Seer

Servitor 416: Skiff Pilot


“Even Angels must face their own daemons...”

                                                                        -Inquisitor Hurtz

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

VIIth Legion WIP: Breachers Squad II

If you guys have been following the progress of my Imperial Fists, you'll know that i love these guys. Imperial fist breachers are so good to play with on the table, and so much fun to paint and convert.

a galaxy in flames

Thursday, 3 March 2016

The difference good terrain makes to your games and why you need it.

Everyone at some stage, most probably a tournament (well at least here in Oz), has played a game on a table that was, well.....lacking. Terrain was sparse or not painted and the general feel of the game was...meh.

Conversely i would like to hope that gamers have at least at some stage played a game on terrain that was sooooo good and realistic that it just drew you into the fiction you were playing there right on the table. This is the reason i so adamantly believe that terrain is one of the most important parts of a 30k game (any minis game really) for those who are hobby enthusiasts. Not so much for those who play WAAC or the tournament scene as they play predominately strategy and not so much tactics and tactics can be driven very heavily by terrain.

So before this devolves into a rant....let me tell you why i think good terrain is so important.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

32mm bases are the ticket...

So i've recently acquired a batch of 32mm bases and have started the process of swapping my 30k stone men over to them. I am more than happy as they have allowed me to really to enhance the theme of the army with extra detail on the bases. 

a galaxy in flames

a galaxy in flames

Collapsed walls, razor wire, reo bars and blown out retaining walls gives these mins the realm look of trudging through shattered concrete defences.

a galaxy in flames

a galaxy in flames

a galaxy in flames